Gecko uses a number of message status to let you know what's happening at every turn with your communications.

We've put together a handy list to describe exactly what you should read into each status when you see it: 

Processing - your email/SMS  is being processed by Gecko and be sent shortly.

Sending -
your email/SMS message is being processed by AWS/ Twilio and will be sent shortly.

Sent -
Twilio has had a request for the SMS to be sent by the nearest 'upstream carrier' accepted.

Delivered - Gecko has received confirmation from the recipients' email client/ telephone provider that the message has been successfully delivered.

Opened -
your email message has been opened by the recipient. (note: some email clients send a false-positive status back to Gecko. As a result, a small percentage of messages with this message may not be accurate.)

Clicked -
the recipient of your email has clicked a link contained in your message template.

Duplicate -
multiple messages have been sent to this contact in too short a space of time and Gecko has flagged this message as a duplicate. Messages with this status will not have been received by the recipient. If testing a workflow, this status can be avoided by enabling Test Mode.

Failed -
the message has failed to deliver. This may be due to an invalid telephone number/ email address, network outages, recipient account suspension, account overflow etc.

No Consent -
your message has not sent due to the contact not having consented to receive this type of message.  This status can be avoided in a number of ways, including toggling to Ignore Consent Reasons when sending your message.

Sender not Verified -
your message has failed as the sender (the email address you're using to send your message) is yet to be verified.


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