This article walks you through the different ways you can add contacts to an event and the different circumstances in which you'd want to use them. 

Let's start with event registration. This can be set as single event, single session or multiple session events.

Single event:
This type of event means that the person can only register for the overall event, irrespective of whether or not the event has sessions/session times.

For single events, you can use the share tab on your form:

  • Navigate to the Share tab of your Form
  • Pick the Event that you would like to register responses to
  • This will update your Sharing Link so that when used, anyone who fills out the form is automatically registered for that event

For a single event, you could also choose to use a workflow.

Single Session Event:

Allows new registrants to pick one session/session time only from an event that may contain multiple sessions. To be used when an event is made up of multiple sessions running concurrently.

Multiple Sessions Event:
Allows new registrants to choose multiple sessions/session times within a single event. If they pick session times that clash, a warning message will flash up but will still allow them to book. 

For single session events and multiple session events, it’s best to use the ‘event field’ within your form. Here’s a video to help you with the setup.

To set a current event on a mobile device:

  • Download the newly created form on to your app.
  • Navigate to the Admin section and select the Settings tab.
  • Select Current Event and pick the event you would like to associate responses with.

Event Attendee Statuses:

Contacts that have been added to an event can have a different status depending on the way you have setup your form, workflows, mobile app and event fields. These include: Invited, Registered, Attended, Cancelled, Removed and Waitlisted.

Default event attendee statuses for registration can be modified via a form or via mobile apps  in Settings > Account Settings. 

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