In this webinar, originally held on 02/06/2017, Gecko's VP of Product, Adrian Binzaru is joined by the University of Southampton's CRM manager, Aimee Ellis. 

By close of Clearing 2016, over 63,000 students had entered UK universities with calls to UCAS hitting the 12,000 mark – this is not including the calls to individual universities. With over 15,000 Clearing applicants now applying directly for the Clearing route, it is time to start thinking about how you and your team are going to prepare, before, during and after.

On Friday 2nd June Gecko Product Director, Adrian Binzaru was joined by University of Southampton CRM Manager, Aimee Ellis to discuss Clearing as part of our latest webinar.

The webinar discussed how technology has changed the University of Southampton’s approach to Clearing and includes some useful hints and tips ahead of your 2017 Clearing campaign.

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