Email broadcasts allow you to setup email campaigns to be sent out to a number of contacts in your system using a set email template.

You are able to send email broadcasts in three different modes.

  • Instant - sends as soon as you have the broadcast setup and select Launch.
  • Run later - users are able to set a specific time and date for the broadcast to run.
  • Run as a campaign - allows users to set a start and an end date to their emailing campaign, which would automatically send an email to anyone that comes into the system and meets the criteria.

Creating an email broadcast

  • Navigate to Broadcasts.
  • Select New Broadcast.
  • Give your broadcast a Title.
  • (Optional) Give your broadcast a description.
  • Select Email as the type.
  • Pick the email sender and template (you can find articles on creating verified senders and templates in the academy).
  • Select the mode of your broadcast.
  • Select Next.

This will take you to a screen, giving you the ability to select the recipients of your email, as well as create the criteria used to identify contacts going forward if you are running a broadcast as a campaign.

  • Select Add Condition and specify the relevant conditions you would like to identify contacts by. (Note: you are able to have multiple conditions.)
  • Once you have your conditions created you are able to select the refresh button next to Add Condition button if you would like to see the list of contacts found below, prior to saving.
  • If you are happy with your conditions and contacts found, select Next.

This will take you to the workflows screen of your broadcast. In here you are able to set any workflows you would like to trigger once you run your broadcast. These can include anything from sending an SMS/Email based on conditions, labelling contacts or even follow up emails! (For example: If the outcome of the message is still 'delivered' after one week - send them another email to follow up).

  • Set up any workflows that you would like to run. You can leave this blank if you are not looking to trigger any.
  • Select Next.

You will be taken to the Launch screen, giving you the total number of contacts that will be emailed with your template. Select Launch if you are happy to start your broadcast or go back and edit any parts that you would like changed.

Any questions? Feel free to start a live chat with a member of our support team or explore the rest of our academy at your leisure.

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