Let's get to it. This article will showcase how you can:

  • Log in to GeckoChat

  • Invite other users at your institution to log in

Getting Started

Logging in to GeckoChat is simple. Click here, or copy and paste the URL below:


From there, enter your email, password and MFA code (if you've set one up!). 

Forgot your password? Don't panic - it happens to the best of us. Simply enter your email address and click the Forgot password? link that will appear, as seen in the screenshot above. 

After logging into your GeckoChat account, click the Agents tab on the top nav bar (not Settings, as I made the mistake of doing in the video! 🙈). Now all that's left to do is click +Invite Agent. Add the details of the colleague you'd like to add to your account, and you're done. 

In this unique time of crisis, we don't want you to be hamstrung by tiresome details like user licenses - that's why, for as long as the response bot is free - there is absolutely no cap on the number of Agents you can create.

🏁 Any questions? Feel free to start a live chat with a member of our support team. Want something more advanced? Feel free to roam the GeckoChat or GeckoBot sections of our academy at your leisure. 

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