Training opportunities are fundamental to how your bot evolves and improves over time. They represent unique points of data that you can use to improve or realign your bot's capabilities. They are also completely optional. Training opportunities go nowhere if left unused. Feel free to use them in your own time. 

Getting started

To get started, click Bots on the top-nav bar. By default, you'll already be on the Training opportunities table. 

Let's take a moment to acquaint ourselves with the table:

  • Open Conversation - clicking the speech bubble icons will allow you to see the full transcript of the conversation in which this training opportunity occurred. Useful for getting context for a message. 

  • Message - the student's message that has been logged as a training opportunity.

  • Occurrences - the number of times this exact training opportunity has been logged. 

  • Type - why this opportunity is logged. Types include; User Complaint, Very Low Confidence, Low Confidence and Marked Useful. You can segment which types are currently visible by clicking and modifying the Filter

  • Date Received - Date and time at which the message was logged.

  • Closest Match - The answer the bot most closely matched this answer to. This may also be blank if the bot had no suitable match.

  • Confidence - the confidence level of the bot that the Closest Match was correct, expressed as a %. 

  • Resolve - clicking the tick icon will resolve this opportunity, adding the Training opportunity to the Question bank of the Closest Match answer. Clicking the cross icon will dismiss the opportunity, removing it from the Training opportunity table.

Now that we're au fait with the training table, let's take a closer look at what happens when we click on an opportunity. 

Here, we're given a dual view. On the left side, in the Missed Message Conversation, we can see a transcript of what the student said (i.e. the training opportunity) and how the bot responded. On the right side, we see the Example Conversation. If we choose to resolve this opportunity against the answer selected in the Choose an answer field, this is how the bot will respond to this, or variants of this message in the future. 

Using the Choose an answer field is easy. Simply click it and begin to type in any of the Answer Name, Tags or Answer Message contents to dynamically filter down the list of answers to correctly assign your Training opportunity against the correct answer. Once you're done, click Resolve

If you've tried searching and have still not found the correct answer, it may be that this opportunity has flagged a gap in your bot's knowledge. To remedy this, just click create a new answer

🏁 Any questions? Feel free to start a live chat with a member of our support team. Want something more advanced? Feel free to roam the GeckoChat or GeckoBot sections of our academy at your leisure. 

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