This article rockets you through the final checks that need to be made to ensure a successful bot launch. 

Am I ready to go live?

You can consider yourself ready to go live if you can successfully, emphatically and enthusiastically tick the following items off as done ✅:

  • [   ] Channels  - you've created them and told your bot to be active on them in Bot Settings > Only trigger on these Channels.

  • [   ] Branding - your bot has been appropriately branded. It has an avatar, name and live-chat channel with a color commensurate with your school's branding guidelines.

  • [   ] Answers - you're happy with your bot's answers. You've updated all of the {placeholder} answers Gecko provided to you.

  • [   ] Can I speak to a human? - you know what your bot will do if a student asks to speak to a person and your bot is ready for it. 

  • [   ] Test! - you (or your IT wizards) have tested how your live-chat widget will look, function and behave on whatever webpages you've arranged for it to go live on. You've done this across multiple device types and are happy with the results. 

  • [   ] Know your role - set expectations and communicate responsibilities to members of the team who will play a key role in yours and your bot's success. You know who will manage training opportunities and who will curate answers. 

Good luck and huge congratulations from all of us at GeckoEngage 👏

🏁 Any questions? Feel free to start a live chat with a member of our support team. Want something more advanced? Feel free to roam the GeckoChat or GeckoBot sections of our academy at your leisure.

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