Continue the student experience after the form submissions through the new and improved success URL functionality. Gecko now offers the support to direct a student to a particular external page depending on the form submission.

Detailed Set-Up

  • Open your Gecko Form

  • Select Settings

  • Select Redirect Rules

  • To enable the redirect feature, ensure that Auto Redirect is enabled.

  • Provide your Default URL. If there are no Redirect Rules set or if none have been met, then this will be the webpage that students are directed too

  • Please note, you can only continue with a Default URL. This will direct the student to an external page on every submission, no matter the information in the form

Adding Redirect Rules

Redirect Rules allow you to send users to a URL based on the information in their form submission. Rules run in the order they are declared (top to bottom). If the form submission matches no redirect rules the user will be redirected to the Default Success URL instead.

  • Select Add Rule

  • Select the Form Field that you would like this to trigger on.

  • Select the Options you want the form field to trigger on. This can vary from 1 option to multiple options.

  • Enter your Success URL - This is the external webpage where you wish to send the student.

  • Repeat if required.

  • Select Save Changes

Try, Test and Enjoy :)

Any questions? Feel free to start a live chat with a member of our support team or explore the rest of our academy at your leisure.

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