This article walks you through the different ways you can add contacts to an event and the different circumstances in which you'd want to use them. 

Event types

Gecko offers three different types of events, which dictate the structure of your event. Event types can be defined from within your Event settings page under Events - > Your event - > Edit - > Type & Category

Single event

- Single events are typically used in a scenario where we wouldn't be looking to offer any sessions or options for students. This is simply an event that they would attend and is, typically, used in very specific events with a single activity.

Single session

- Single session events allow students to view a number of sessions and pick only one of them to attend. This type of event is typically used for activities like campus tours or interviews, where we would like the student to only select one available slot.

Multiple session

- Multiple session events allow students to view a number of sessions and pick as many as they please. This type of event is typically used for events like Open Day/House and give the students a chance to build their agenda for the day.

Setting up event registration

Gecko is an extremely flexible system, offering a multitude of ways to register students for your event. The way someone registers for an event is entirely up to you and your use case - there is no right or wrong way of setting this up.

Note: Before setting up your event registration, be sure to build your event first. You can find a guide on this here.

Event field

This is the most popular method of registering students for an event and allows you to either display information about the event (for Single events) and/or give students an option to select their sessions (for Single/Multi-session events). To set an event field up:

- Navigate to Forms - > Your registration form (Note: you will need to build a form)

- Select Form Field from the right-hand side menu

- Pick Event

- Click on your new event field in your form

- Select options

You have the option of either displaying a single event (including sessions within it) or a calendar/list of events for students to pick one of. To define which events appear under a category, simply navigate to Events - > Your event - > Edit - > Type & Category.

- Pick your category or single event to display

- Select update and then save

Optionally, you can also disable the calendar view, if you're displaying a category, this will either display a calendar (by default) or show a list of events. If you have many events to display, then a calendar is probably best, whereas it might look nicer to display a list if there are only 3 or 4.


If you are looking to register students to your event once they fill out a form, but are not looking to provide any additional event information or have them select sessions, you can add them to your event using workflows. Note: workflows are no advisable for any events that have limits or waitlisting enabled. To set this up:

- Navigate to your event registration form

- Select workflows

- Select add workflow

- (Optionally) add a condition based on which to add students on your event

- Select add action

- Pick 'Add contact to event'

- Select your event and the status you would like for them to be added as

- Select Update and then Save

Form Share tab

You are able to also register students through the Form's share tab. This functionality is typically used for in-person events, where you would be looking to have students register by either scanning a QR code or typing in a URL on their own device. This is extremely useful, especially if you are looking to not create big queues for entering/registrations. To set this up:

- Navigate to your registration form (Forms - > Your form)

- Select Share (note: if this form is brand new, you will need to save before this tab can appear)

- Under the 'Capture at Event' section, select your event and/or session, if you want to only register students to a specific session

- Copy the URL or generate a QR code

Now that you have selected the event in the share tab, it will update your link and QR code to automatically add anyone to the event when using that particular link/QR code. You are free to copy either of those and then generate as many links/QR codes for the same form, but different event - generating a new one won't stop the old one from working.

Note: anyone using the link/QR code will be added as 'Attended' - the functionality is meant for in-person events, where we expect this to be used at the event and therefore labelling the attendees as having attended.

Visit App

For in-person events, you can also register students on our Visit app. You can find a quick video explaining how this works here.

Any questions? Feel free to start a live chat with a member of our support team or explore the rest of our academy at your leisure.

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