Events and sessions now fully support guests as part of the event registration functionality.

You can set up your event guest allowance when creating new events or within the Edit tab on your existing events. 

Once your event has the guests toggle enabled, when selecting this event through the event field, the student will be prompted to select the number of guests they will be bringing along: 

The event registration will take into consideration the number of guests within the maximum capacity for sessions. 

The GeckoScan app will work the same way it did until this update, however, on the web event you will be able to include or exclude the guests into the overview stats for attendees: 

You can edit someone's guest count through the actions dropdown on the right side of the attendee record as shown in the gif below: 

Students will be able to edit the number of guests they are bringing along through the RSVP pages:

The number of guests will also be included as a new column in the attendee exports.

Please use the emojis below to share your thoughts on this update. It helps us to build a better product for you. For more information, why not contact our support team via live chat or email? You can suggest features through the "Suggest a Feature" option in Gecko or by emailing 

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