We've re-built the RSVP pages from scratch to support some exciting new developments in the future. The updated RSVP pages now allow students to change the number of guests they are bringing along, print the page, cancel individual sessions or register for other sessions within the event. 

 Quick Note: 

If you've never seen an RSVP page before, check out this example. Feel free to contact our support team if you have any questions about how to make use of them.

Printing the page: 

We've had the ability to pull the event details into the calendar or Apple Wallet, but we have noticed that a fair number of students, and especially their parents, still prefer printing out a hard copy of their tickets. The new RSVP page has a dedicated button for initiating the browser window print process. We've also made some styling changes to ensure that the layout of the printed page is consistent no matter what browser users print from. Here's how this feature works:  

Changing the number of guests:

We've recently added support for attendee guests within our events, and the new RSVP page takes full advantage of this feature to allow students to adjust the number of guests they intend to bring along. Here's a quick view of what this looks like:

Cancelling sessions: 

Keep your numbers in check by allowing students to cancel sessions with a single click. See a demo of how it works: 

Booking for other sessions within the same event: 

Our users have reported that they are currently spending hours each week managing cancellations and session changes for their attendees. With the new RSVP page, student can cancel and re-register for any of the sessions in the parent event: 

Please use the emojis below to share your thoughts on this update. It helps us to build a better product for you. For more information, why not contact our support team via live chat or email? You can suggest features through the "Suggest a Feature" option in Gecko or by emailing adrian@geckolabs.co.uk. 

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