GeckoChat lets you manage conversations based on their status. Conversations can be in one of the followings states:

  • Unassigned > My Conversations/Open > Closed

Once a conversation is initiated by a prospective student sending a message from one of the connected platforms, the conversation will appear as Unassigned in the appropriate tab. If you answer their message, then that conversation will be automatically assigned to you and appear on your My Conversations tab and other agents' Open conversations tab.

Assign a conversation to a different agent or team:

  • You are able to assign a conversation to a different agent or team by selecting the conversation and navigating to the right-hand side menu, where you will see information about the contact, such as their name. Below their name, you will see an option to either Assign to or you will see an already Assigned agent. If you select the shown assigned option, you will be provided with a drop-down field to select a new assigned agent.

Collecting Contact Information:

  • Inside each conversation, you will be able to see information about the person you are speaking to on the right-hand side. You will be able to see a section that contains fields of information about their Name, Email Address and Telephone Number (note: those fields depend on your account setup and may be different depending on your choices). You are able to edit those for any contact or fill those out for new contacts, simply by selecting the field in question, inputting the information selecting the save button.

Changing Conversation Channel:

  • You are able to respond to a student's query through any of the available channels on your system simply by selecting the appropriate channel on your message box (e.g. SMS/Facebook/Twitter/Email) depending on the channels setup on your system.

Conversation Tags:

  • You are able to also label this conversation with a specific tag, which will make it easier to filter conversations and contacts in the future and provide your colleagues with information about this conversation's topic or the contact's query. To add a Conversation Tag, simply click on the Conversation Tags on the right-hand side menu and you will be given the option to pick one or more of the existing tags in your system.

Merging Contacts:

  • If you suspect that the person you are speaking to is already in the system, but for some reason, they have provided a different name or email address, you are able to merge this conversation and contact into an existing record. Navigate to the right-hand side menu in your conversation and select the Merge Contacts option. This will provide you with a list of contacts in your system that you can search on or simply click and merge the current conversation with an existing contact.

Adding notes:

  • You are able to add a note to this conversation through the right-hand side menu, which will provide more context/information for your colleagues.

Closing conversations:

  • To close a conversation, simply select the ✓ mark next to a Conversation on the left-hand side menu.

Any questions? Feel free to start a live chat with a member of our support team or explore the rest of our academy at your leisure.

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