GeckoChat allows you to easily invite agents into your system, manage their level of access and assign them to a team. You are able to do this through the Agents tab on the menu bar, which will take you to a list of existing agents in your system. 

Inviting a new agent:

  • To invite a new agent, simply select the Invite Agent button and provide the agent's Name, Email Address and the type of agent you would like them to be. This will automatically send an email invite to that person's email, allowing them to create their password and login to the system.

Agent types & permissions:

  • Agent - Agents are able to send and receive messages, as well as update contacts and manage conversations.

  • Supervisor - Able to perform the actions of an agent, configure channels, integrations, custom fields, tags & workflows as well as manage other agents and teams.

  • Admin - Able to perform the actions of a supervisor, as well as the ability to manage the system's communication channels, contact fields and any other settings available.

Managing agent profiles:

  • If you select one of your existing agents, you are able to control that agent's details, such as name, email and type, as well as the notification types are able to get and the teams that they are apart of.

Managing teams:

  • Within the Agents tab, you are able to access the Teams tab which allows you to create and manage different teams that can then be assigned to specific conversations. Simply create a team, select it and you will be able to add agents to the team from a list of all available agents.

Any questions? Feel free to start a live chat with a member of our support team or explore the rest of our academy at your leisure.

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