Our contact searching functionality just got a much needed upgrade to support "OR" logic within searches. Here's a quick demo of this feature update: 

Filters are used in a number of different areas of the system. You'll will notice the new functionality in: 

  • Advanced searches in contacts

  • Contact exports

  • Call campaign filters

  • Broadcast filters

You can also group AND & OR logic within a single query using saved searches. If you are looking to do a more complex search query that uses both OR and AND logic, you could group them within separate saved filters and reference them within a new combined filter:

Please use the emojis below to share your thoughts on this update. It helps us to build a better product for you. For more information, why not contact our support team via live chat or email? You can suggest features through the "Suggest a Feature" option in Gecko or by emailing adrian@geckolabs.co.uk. 

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