The Broadcasts feature in Gecko has been redesigned and improved to make it more intuitive, flexible and powerful. 

Simplified User Interface 

We've been monitoring user interactions with our existing Broadcasts feature, and have designed a streamlined user interface that extended the existing capabilities while simplifying the setup. 

Run Now / Run Later / Run As Campaign

When setting up a broadcast, you will have the ability to choose how and when the broadcast should be executed. We will look at the different options available in more details below.

 Run Now

Choosing the option to Run Now when setting up the broadcast is useful if you're looking to trigger a set of messages instantly, i.e. at the point when you're configuring the broadcast. The messages will launch as soon as you are done setting up the broadcast. 

Run Later

Run Later allows you to set a delay before the messages are triggered. This is useful if you plan to set up a message to go out later in the day, or maybe closer to an event, in order to ensure optimal reach and engagement.

Run As Campaign

Users get the option to select a start and end time, in between which the broadcast will run as a campaign. The contact filter assigned to the broadcast will keep adding qualifying contacts into the broadcast , triggering the configured message , for as long as the broadcast is active.

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