Gecko allows for events to be 'timetravelled' into the future, which means that all event information remains the same, except the actual start date for the event and associated session and session times.

Timetravel example:
The below image gives an example of the changes that occur in the event when it is time travelled by 5 days. (Keep in mind that times remain unchanged, as long as your time matches the original starting time set.)

To Timetravel event:

  • Navigate to your Events section and find the event you are looking to modify.

  • Select Action and pick Timetravel Event.

  • Select the date and time you would like to amend your event to and select Timetravel.

To Copy an Event and Timetravel it:

  • Simply select Action and Clone your event.

  • Follow the steps above and Timetravel it.

  • This will provide you with an event that has the same setup as the original event, but at a time in the future and none of the original attendees.

It's also possible to Repeat an event en masse! This allows you to clone multiple copies of an event and gives you control over which dates you'd like to time-travel them to:

Any questions? Feel free to start a live chat with a member of our support team or explore the rest of our academy at your leisure. (Gecko begrudgingly admits that literal time-travel is still beyond us. It's a feature we're working on, however.)

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