You are able to integrate Gecko fields with Connect fields that are formatted as drop-down fields and have a specific set of options. For example, if you have a courses fields, whereby each course had a specific code (e.g. Accounting - A00001), then you would need to send the information A00001 to Connect, but you don't necessarily want to show this to prospective students. The below process allows you to achieve just this: import the options from Connect with the appropriate display name (e.g. Accounting) and send the appropriate code (A00001) to Connect so that the two systems are able to communicate successfully.

Integrating the fields

  • Navigate to Settings > Integrations > Connect.

  • Select +New Attribute.

  • Pick the attribute in Connect that you would like to map to from the field list (e.g. Country of citizenship).

From here on in, our guide splits into two. Follow point 1 if the field does NOT exist in Gecko, or, if it does already exist then follow point 2.

1. If the field doesn’t exist in Gecko

  • Select Create New.

  • Select the type of field to match with your Connect field, e.g. Dropdown field/text, etc.

  • If you select a Dropdown field/Radio Choice field/Checkboxes you will have the option to import Option List – select Yes.

  • Select + Track.

  • Your new contact field in Gecko should now be created, integrated and usable in forms!

2.If the field already exists in Gecko

  • Select Map to Existing.

  • Select the Contact Field in Gecko and select Track.

  • Make sure your Contact field in Gecko is of the same format as the one in Connect.

  • To do this: navigate to Settings > Contact fields.

  • Select the field and look for type.

  • If the field in Connect has pre-set options (e.g. a drop-down field that has multiple options that are set in stone).

  • Navigate to Field Options in Gecko.

  • Select Add Option.

  • Select Import Options and pick the field that you are integrating within Connect and select Import.

  • Save the Field options list with a memorable name.

  • Navigate to Settings > Contact Fields and pick the field in Gecko, which you used to map to your Connect attribute.

  • Select the type to match with the one with Connect and pick the options template to be the new options template you created from the import. 

  • Save and start using your field in forms!

Any questions? Feel free to start a live chat with a member of our support team or explore the rest of our academy at your leisure.

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