Webhooks are incredibly powerful tools to enable you to look responses to external programs dynamically. Let us walk you through, step-by-step:


The Webhooks feature in Gecko gives you the ability to send webhooks to external systems, e.g. CRMs, Analytics tools, Zapier and others that support JSON or Form file formats. This means that data from your Gecko system can now be sent to a wide range of systems with numerous functionalities.

You can even read about one of our developers using Gecko Webhooks to turn on the light in their corridor. 


Webhooks can be setup on a per-form basis or as an integration for your entire system. This means that you can have individual forms sent data across to multiple systems or, if you set it up as an integration, you can have every single contact created in Gecko be sent over to an external system.

Setting up Form Webhooks

  • Navigate to the form you would like to send the data across from.

  • Select the Workflows tab.

  • Select Add Workflow.

  • (Optional) Add a Condition best upon which you would like to send the data across (e.g. Entry Year: 2020). If you leave the condition blank - every submitted response will be sent across.

  • Add an action

  • Give it a type - Send Workflow.

  • Paste the URL you want to send the webhook to (note: you need a receiving URL that is expecting to receive the webhook in JSON file format).

  • Done!

Setting up a system-wide Webhooks Integration

  • Navigate to Settings > Integration.

  • Select New Integration.

  • Pick Webhooks from the list of available options.

  • Provide a name and a receiving URL for your webhook.

  • Pick the type of file you want to send (JSON or Form), as well as any other configurations (date format, array type).

  • Select Save.

  • Add Attributes you would like to send over (e.g. Name, Email - you can see this done in the video below).

  • Select what you would like to sync at the bottom of the page (Sync Model - Contacts or Responses).

  • Select Save.

  • Done!

Any questions? Feel free to start a live chat with a member of our support team or explore the rest of our academy at your leisure.

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