We've added the ability to sign up for daily summary emails and receive a message with an overview of the most important activity in the system over the last 24 hours. The emails include the following information:

  • Total new responses.

  • Total new contacts.

  • Total new attendees.

  • Total messages sent.

  • Total deleted contacts.

  • Summary of recent product updates.

  • Summary of CRM sync errors.

  • Summary of responses assigned to you.

  • Summary of exports. 

  • Summary of imports.

This is an example of a daily summary email: 

To sign up for these daily emails, log into Gecko, click on your name at the top right, then click on 'my settings'. You will then see an option to enable the daily summary emails with a toggle: 

Please use the emojis below to share your thoughts on this update. It helps us to build a better product for you. For more information, why not contact our support team via live chat or email? You can suggest features through the "Suggest a Feature" option in Gecko or by emailing adrian@geckolabs.co.uk. 

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