Managing Responses

Now we've captured our first response on the app, let's look at how to manage it with a goal to eventually syncing it with our CRM. 

From the main menu of the app, tap the Admin link in the top right. You'll notice at the bottom we now have three tabs to navigate this section; Forms, Responses and Settings

Tap on Settings. Scroll down and click on Advanced Settings. Tap the top option, Automatically sync responses to Gecko. Once that's done it'll mean that, providing you've got a secure internet connection, your captured responses will automatically upload to Gecko.

Now go back to the Responses tab. You should see the response you captured on the app a moment ago. If you click on your response you'll be able to see and edit the information that was captured, as well as add specific notes or labels. Go back to the Responses. If you notice a green bar to the left of your response, this will mean that your response will already have uploaded to Gecko. If you notice an orange bar, it will mean that the response is captured, but has yet to be uploaded. If this is the case, let's manually sync that now. 

Tap on Settings in the bottom right tab. Now tap the first option on this menu: Upload Responses. After the short 'Syncing responses, please wait' message, head back to the Responses tab. You'll notice that the orange bar has changed to a green bar, meaning that your response has been uploaded to Gecko.

Let's check - login to GeckoCapture, and click on the Responses tab on the left-hand menu. This section automatically shows the latest responses first, so you should see your completed response at the top. 

You've just built your first form, captured data on your mobile device and synced it with Gecko. Well done! The good news is, we can make this process even better with automated communication to your potential students. 

Any questions? Feel free to start a live chat with a member of our support team or explore the rest of our academy at your leisure.

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