In part four of this series we make life easy by automating our form and uploads with powerful, customisable workflows.

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Getting to grips with workflows

One of the problems with student recruitment events is the mountain of follow-up work post-event. It can sometimes be days/weeks until letters and emails are sent out to prospective students. We're going to cut down on that follow-up time to 5 minutes. Sound good? There's lots you can do with this but let's firstly learn how we can send a simple automated 'thank you' email to every student whose data we capture. 

Before setting up our workflow, we need to build our 'thank you' email. Log on to GeckoCapture and go to Settings > Email & SMS Templates. In the top right corner, click on +New Template

By default, the template type will be Email. Go ahead and give your template a Name, then add a Subject which will show in the email subject field. Add Email to the Check the following consent reasons and we're good to build our template. We recommend using the powerful Template Tags at the bottom of the email builder to dynamically personalise your email. Once you're happy with the content of your thank you email, hit Save in the bottom right of the page. (note: some template tags only work in specific workflows. Using an {{event}} template tag will only display in an email that's sent from an event workflow. Likewise, a {{response}} template tag will only show in a form workflow etc.)

Now, let's build our first workflow. Click Forms on the left menu and then click on the form you created in our first guide

Click the Workflows tab at the top of the form and then +Add Workflow. By default, our workflow is called "New Workflow". Go ahead and rename it.

You'll notice below this we get a split view; conditions and actions. In the conditions section we tell Gecko, "if X happens..." and in the actions section we tell Gecko "...then do Y". We're going to leave conditions blank, as we want our thank you email to be sent every time the form is completed. 

In the actions section, click +Add Action. Set the Type to Email. In the To section, click on Fields Email Address. This is you telling Gecko you want the email to go to whatever email address your student puts in the email address field on the form. In Template select the email we created earlier in this guide and for From select The User capturing the Response. This means that it will be your email address that will appear in the sender's box on the student's email client. By default, Ignore Consent Preferences will be toggled to 'off'. For the sake of this guide, let's leave it like that. Finally, hit Save Action and finally Save Changes in the top right corner to save our new workflow. 

Let's now go back to the mobile app. Tap your form and fill in a new response (make sure you put in your email address!) then hit the tick to complete. 

If you have a connection to the internet, your response will automatically go through to Gecko, the workflow will trigger and your thank you email should come through in seconds.

We covered a lot of ground in this article. Good work! For more information on verified senders, advanced consent options or workflows be sure to check out their articles.

Any questions? Feel free to start a live chat with a member of our support team or explore the rest of our academy at your leisure.

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