In our fifth and final part of our introduction to GeckoCapture, we show how easy it is to integrate responses with your CRM. 

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Integrating with your CRM

Important note: the below guide is specifically written for system administrators who are setting up GeckoCapture for the first time. Regular users may never have need of any of the information below! Gecko will help set up your integration as part of your on-boarding. This article will assume your integration is already set up.

Gecko was created to reduce siloed communication - not add to it. The joy of integrations is that any data captured in GeckoCapture (or any other Gecko modules) can be synced instantly to your CRM, reducing workload for you and the team and streamlining your processes.

Login to GeckoCapture, click Forms and enter into the form we created in part one of this guide. For this form, we want all the responses to sync over to our CRM. Click Settings and then click on Integrations. You should see your CRM listed here. Change the value to Sync Automatically and hit Save Changes in the top right corner. 

Make sure you set the syncing up for the name and email fields for Gecko to be able to find the correct record in your CRM, or to be able to create a new one. 

Now let's go through your form and update the fields you'd like to integrate. 

Doing this is as simple as hovering the mouse over the field you'd like to sync and clicking the pencil icon, then the Integrations tab. Here, you can set the specific field in your CRM you'd like this response to sync to. Once you're happy, hit the Update button in the bottom right. 

Now when somebody fills in a form, their information will be synced over to your CRM!

Integrations are crucial but can be a little tricky when you first start out and will soon be second nature to you. Bear in mind that you've come an awful long way in a short space of time! You can now make forms, customise and share them, capture data offline and sync that data to both Gecko and your CRM. Congratulations! 

For admins responsible for managing and setting up integrations, your Gecko training day should cover everything you need to set this up. As always, If you have any questions, feel free to start a live chat with a member of our support team or explore the rest of our academy at your leisure.

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