In part four of this series, we learn how to automatically have the most suitable call agents speaking to your students. 

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Call agent management

It can be daunting looking at a huge list of contacts that need to be called. It's not uncommon for campaigns to engage with hundreds or even thousands of students over its lifecycle. To help create manageable workloads for your agents we allow you to easily delegate contacts to individuals or teams.

Let's start by going into your call campaign and click the Segments tab. Go ahead and click on +Add Segment. Segments work in a similar way to workflows. To use an example, this means you could quickly assign all contacts residing in America, Canada or Mexico to your international recruitment team with the following simple workflow: 

When any of the team log into the campaign, these will be the first contacts that they'll see in their Available contacts screen. 

Notice the option at the bottom of the segment workflow with a tick next to it? This is the Fallback option. In terms of this example, that means that once the 84 contacts have been called by our international recruitment team they'll then revert or fallback to calling the remaining contacts within your call campaign. 

There is no limit to the number of segments that can be created, meaning that you can continue to ensure that the most qualified members of your team are speaking to the right contacts with just a few clicks. 

In the final part of our short series on getting started with GeckoTalk, we examine the comprehensive and easy to use analytics tools that are pre-built into your campaign.

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