Once a call has been made using GeckoTalk, your call agents will be required to fill in a call Outcome

Outcomes tell Gecko know what you'd like to do with a contact after a call has concluded. They're fully customisable, can refer to either inbound or outbound calls (or both!) but broadly break down into one of five system categories. These are:

  1. Complete

  2. Mark for Call (Outbound)

  3. Mark for Call (Inbound)

  4. Reschedule

  5. Do Not Call

To create, view and modify outcomes, head to Settings > Outcomes

Complete - any call marked complete would indicate it had been successful. It would remove the contact from the Available portion of your call campaign and place it in the Succeeded section. 

Useful for: calls that have met the purpose of your campaign. i.e. a call in clearing campaign which has resulted in a verbal offer of a place being accepted.

Mark for Call (Outbound) - any call with this as its action would recycle the contact back into the Available portion of your call at a time specified by your campaigns Call Back Timeout Period.

Useful for: scenarios where you've been unable to reach a contact and have left a message. It'll log that we've made an attempt to call and allow us to try to call once more at a later point. 

Mark for Call (Inbound) - this status works in the same way as it's inbound cousin. It's important to note that Inbound options will only appear on the Outcome list if your number has been set up to accept inbound calls. Head to Settings > VoIP Numbers, click your number and then toggle Available for Incoming Call.

Useful for: situations where you're expecting the contact to call in. For instance, you've left a voicemail message saying "If you're still interested in course X, please call me back before 12:00 today."

Reschedule - a useful action to log that a contact should be called back on a certain date/time. The scheduled contact is viewable both on the Scheduled view within your campaign and within the Scheduled Contacts view on the Overview screen. Your agents will be unable to make a call to the contact until the time/date of the scheduled call.

Useful for: Situations where a student is unable to talk at a certain time, but has agreed to take the call at a later point.

Do Not Call - this status is useful when wanting to purge a contact from your call campaign. This will apply the Do Not Call label to a contact, remove them from your active campaign and revoke the permission of this contact to receive calls in the future. 

NOTE: if your call campaign is set to 'Ignore Consent Preferences', the Do Not Call action will not work, as its ability to revoke the call permission is overwritten by the 'Ignore Consent Preferences' toggle. Accordingly, if you are running a campaign in this manner, we strongly recommend creating an Outcome named 'Do Not Call' with the Action - Complete to give your agents a means by which to remove unwanted contacts from your campaign. 

Useful for: Any contact you would like to remove from your call campaign indefinitely. An example may be if a student has provided an incorrect telephone number. 

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