In the second part of our introductory series on GeckoPromote, we learn how to build a brand new email broadcast. 

(If you missed part one, click here.)

Building your broadcast

Before we send the email we created in part one we first need to build our broadcast. 

Click Broadcasts on the left-hand menu and navigate to +New Broadcast in the top-right. 

Here you'll be asked to give your broadcast a Title and can add a Description to briefly outline it's purpose.

Next, let's pick the type of broadcast to run. Click Email, and in Email Sender specify who you'd like the email to appear it has been sent by. (note: click here for guidance on setting up verified senders). In the Email Template selector, pick the template you built in part one. For the sake of this guide, ensure that Ignore Consent Preferences is toggled to 'on'.   

Scroll down. Let's pick when we'd like our broadcast to run. Our three choices are: Run Now, Run Later (at a set date/time) or Run As Campaign (broadcast to all contacts added to campaign between set date/time X and date/time Y). As we want to send a one-off email, pick Run Now. Let's save our progress. Go ahead and click Next in the bottom-right corner. 

You'll notice that our view has changed, and we've been taken to the Select Contacts tab. Here our view is divided in two - the top box, Broadcast Conditions shows the searches we're running for contacts (i.e. all contacts who attended X event, all contacts who filled in Y form, all contacts from country Z etc.). The bottom box, Broadcast Contacts shows all students who meet the criteria you set out in Broadcast Conditions

Start to find your ideal broadcast recipients by clicking on + Add Conditions. Once you're happy with your list of contacts, click Next in the top-right of the page.

We're now taken to the Workflows section. Here we can automate follow-up by setting broadcast specific workflows. We can, for example, easily set an SMS to be sent after X amount of days if a broadcast recipient has not opened our email. Once you're happy with the workflows you've set up, click Next

This is it! The moment we've been waiting for; we've been taken to the Launch tab. An overview of your broadcast will confirm how many contacts are eligible to receive will receive our email. If you're happy to processed then finally, click Launch

In the third and final part of our series of guides, we'll be looking at the analytical tools which are built into your broadcast.

Any questions? Feel free to start a live chat with a member of our support team or explore the rest of our academy at your leisure.

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