In the final part of our short guides on learning the ropes with GeckoPromote, we learn how to view the bespoke reporting tools built into your broadcast. 

(Part one can be found here. Part two can be found here.)

Analysing your broadcast

Analysis/reporting is a crucial aspect of every modern comms campaign. Understanding the success of your promotion helps to optimise future communication. 

Fortunately, GeckoPromote has powerful internal reporting tools to assist in this endeavour. 

Let's see them in action -click back into your broadcast and navigate to the Stats tab at the top. 

We'll first see the Sent and opened messages over time, a useful graph which accurately displays sent/opened results over a customisable period of time.

Below this, we see the Open Rate and Click-through rate. These results, taken as a percentage of the broadcast recipients, show how many emails were opened and how many were unopened. Click-through rate gives us a view of what percentage of the opened emails clicked on a link in our email. 

Below this, we find further analysis to take our results to a more granular level. We can see the results by Times of day for when the email was opened. 

Messages by status let you know how many results were Delivered (landed in the recipient's inbox), Opened (recipient clicked to open email), Failed (incorrect email address / full inbox), Clicked (recipient clicked a link on the email) and more. 

Click Analysis is a fantastic tracking tool to show which links were most clicked and their frequencies, which can be useful for planning future communication. 

Finally, User agent and Email platform grant you a snapshot of the most commonly used device type and email clients. Location provides a geo-tagged location of where in the world your email broadcast was opened. 

These detail insights will be invaluable in optimising future communication plans and come out-of-the-box for you to use. 

We've now reached the end of our short series of guides into running your very first broadcast using GeckoPromote. Thank you so much for reading and, as ever, if you have any questions please feel free to start a live chat with a member of our support team. Happy promoting! 


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