Starting June 20th, users of the Capture offline data capture app will only be allowed to be logged in on a maximum of two devices simultaneously. 

Please note that for the time being the limit will only apply to the Capture app. Presently you will still be able to log into the Visit app with the same user across multiple devices for the time being. 

Why are we making the change ?

The recent changes in data security and privacy best practices as well as the advent of GDPR have prompted us to review and scrutinise our security procedures. As part of that, we have noticed a concerning pattern in some instances with accounts and passwords being shared across multiple users. Such behaviour is prohibited by  Information Services departments, it is against our terms of service and it is generally considered to be bad practice. All apps store the personal information of students at points and it is imperative to ensure that this data is not exposed to any possible threats. Shared logins allow any user to contact our support team and impersonate active employees within the university and more importantly, they prevent us from being able to maintain a clear audit log of user activity in the system.

How will this work ?

If you are already logged into two devices, attempting to log into the third one will show an alert like this: 

As you can see, you can log out or "Deauthorise Other Devices" that are currently using the same user to log in. If you choose to deauthorise the other devices, next time users will sync data to the cloud they will be logged out of the app. The alert will look like this: 

We know how important data integrity is for our users, so we will always attempt to sync all data to the cloud prior to logging you out. Additionally, we will not delete the data from the device if you do choose to log out.

Please share your feedback on this update by contacting us through the live chat, logging a feature request through the 'Suggest a Feature' option in Gecko, or by emailing us on 

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