When used correctly, template tags are an incredibly powerful tool to help personalise communications with students in everything from Email and SMS messages to creating dynamic call agent scripts within GeckoTalk

We're sometimes asked why template tags don't display in a certain email or SMS message. Our answer is always the same - template tags depend on the module in Gecko that you send them from. 

Let's illustrate this with an example. The following template tag lets students self-manage their booking for an event they're booked on to by generating a URL to their unique RSVP page.


This code instructs Gecko to do two things; firstly, go to the {{event}} section and secondly, retrieve the corresponding RSVP link for the contact who is receiving our email. Crucially, this template tag will only ever work if it is sent from an event workflow or manually from within the event itself.

But why? Accounts can sometimes have hundreds of events at any given time. {{event}} relates to one specific event. If, for example, you try sending your template with this tag through a form workflow, Gecko simply won't know which of the hundreds of events on your account to send the rsvp link for. As a result, the {{event.rsvp_link}} in your email will be blank. 

Some tags will work universally, whilst others will be specific to certain situations. We outline these in the handy list below:

1. Use from anywhere

These are the most robust tags within Gecko. No matter where you send your email/SMS template from (forms, event workflows, broadcasts etc.) Gecko will always be able to find and populate your template with the requested information: 

  • {{contact}} 

  • {{form}} 

  • {{captured}}

  • {{sender}}

  • {{campaigns}} - GeckoTalk customers only.

  • {{calls}} - GeckoTalk customers only.

  • {{outcomes}} - GeckoTalk customers only.

2. Module Dependent

When using the below tags you'll need to be mindful of where in Gecko you're sending your template from. 

  • {{response}}  - must be sent from a form workflow to work. 

  • {{event}} - must be sent from an event workflow, or manually whilst on the event screen.

  • {{assigned}} - must be sent from a form workflow to work. 

Happy tagging and as ever, if you have any questions, please feel free to start a live chat with a member of our support team.

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