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In this short introductory series of guides, we'll look at how quick it is to get up and running with GeckoVisit. We'll cover everything from building your first events and quickly gaining attendees to collecting responses at your event and reporting.

This is a beginners course and we'll keep it as simple as possible!

Welcome to GeckoVisit! Let's get started with building our very first event. 

Begin by clicking Events on the left-hand menu. This opens a list of all of the previously created events on your account. Go ahead and click +New Event in the top-right corner of the screen.

Give your event a Title. In the screenshot above, I named my event 'My first event'. Next, choose the start/end dates and times you'd like your event to run for.

In the Details section, we can specify some important information. Give your event a memorable Category and select the Registration Type. The three types of registration are:

  1. Single Event - allows students to book onto the event.

  2. Single Session - books students onto the event and one session of their choice.

  3. Multiple Session - books students onto the event and multiple sessions of their choosing.

Let's pick a Single Session event. In Description, we can add rich text enabled (formatting, colours, hyperlinks, pictures etc.) information about the event.

Heading towards the bottom of the page, add the address of your event in the Location box. Let's allow attendees to bring family members with them by toggling the Allow Guests feature, and specifying '4' as the maximum number of Guests per Person

Now hit Save Changes in the top right-hand corner. 

Great work! Our event is now live. You'll see that we've been taken to the Overview tab of our brand new event. 

Here we'll see a list of all of the available event statutes, and a list view of all attendees. Note the Exclude/Include Guests button in the top-right corner of the above screenshot. This allows us to toggle views between the total number of event registrants (without guests) and total visitor numbers (with guests) at a glance.

Now we've created our event, let's add some activities that our attendees can visit. Navigate to the Sessions tab and click to + Add Session

Adding a session is similar to creating an event. Go ahead and create 2 sessions. For the sake of this guide, go ahead and create the following two sessions:

Title: Welcome talk
Location: Main Hall
Session Tags: talk

Title: Campus tour
Location: The Quad
Session Tags: tour

Advanced users will note that in real life, it's highly likely there will be multiple instances of both campus tours and welcome talks running throughout your open day. Rather than creating multiple Campus tour sessions, it's far easier to add time slots to your session. Though we won't be using this feature in our beginners guide it's good to know that is available as an option to you.

That's it for the first part of our guide. You've successfully created your first event, opened it up to guests and have created unique sessions. 

In the second part of our guide, we look at the unique ways you can add attendees to your event.

Any questions? Feel free to start a live chat with a member of our support team or explore the rest of our academy at your leisure.

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