You can format your message using rich text styling right within the chat message composer box. To see the available options, simply select some text: 

Keep in mind that this will only be available when messaging via a channel that will support such formatting. In fact, gecko's chat composer has three distinctive input modes: 

  • Rich – used for live chat messaging. Supports video, images and audio elements, as well as inline styles. You can copy most images from your browser (via 'copy image') and paste them into the editor. You can also copy text from the web and paste that in, and any hyperlinks will be preserved.

  • Semi-rich – used for emails. Supports most of the formatting above but does not support video or audio elements; if added to a message these are rendered instead as download links.

  • Plain – used for all other channels. Will only support plain text and any attachments will be replaced with links to the hosted files. 

The editor is capable of gracefully transitioning between contexts, so if you're typing a message that you intend to send as an email, but then change your mind and send it as a text, the composer will adjust your message with the appropriate formatting. 

User tips

You can start lists using *, - or 1. as follows: 

You can also use the following keyboard shortcuts

Command + Enter – sends message while in the conversations context.
Command-B – bold.
Command-I – italic.
Command-U – underline.
Tab – indents a list.
Shift + tab – reverses an indent.

For images and other multimedia, you can use the clipboard button, drag images into the editor or paste them from your clipboard:

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