Looking at how this looks for an online event? - Look no further and head to our Online Events article which walks and talks you through the full set up and the student experience: Gecko Online Events

As the countdown to the event begins, part three of our short series of guides sees us run through the managing of our event in the lead up to the day itself.

(Part one can be found here. Part two can be found here.) 

Tickets and managing your event

The benefits to effective event management are numerous - better turnout, more efficient events and increased student engagement to name but a few.

Using this guide we'll learn to manage our event by doing the following: 

  1. Send an email providing attendees with a link to their RSVP page

  2. Send attendees a 'welcome' text message with their QR code on the morning of the event.

  3. Send a follow-up email thanking attendees for visiting us. 

QR codes and RSVP pages are incredibly powerful tools that reduce your workload. Once provided to attendees, any changes to bookings can easily be done by the attendees themselves. Let's get started.


1. Let's allow attendees to self-manage their bookings. Click Settings on the left-hand menu and then go to Email & SMS Templates. If this is your first time using our template builder, click here. Set the Type to Email and go ahead and write the body of your email. Remember - we want to send students a link to their RSVP page, so be sure to include the {{event.rsvp_link}} Template Tag in your email. Once you're satisfied, hit Save in the bottom-right corner. 

Now head back to your event. Select all attendees that you'd like to send the template you've just build, click Actions on selected and pick Email attendees. Be sure to pick your email in the Template section. For the sake of this guide, ensure that Ignore Consent Preferences is toggled to 'on'. 

Now our attendees have their RSVP links, they have access to their QR codes, booking details and have the ability to change between sessions at will.


2. One of our favourite use cases of recent months is the event day SMS. The idea is simple - it's the morning of the event and you receive a text letting from your prospective uni saying:

 "Hi Jonny, we can't wait to meet you at Gecko University Open Day. Make sure to bring a hat as it's forecast to be sunny all day! Just in case you've misplaced it, here's your QR ticket so we can scan you in:

The feedback for institutions doing this has been tremendous. Let's set things up.

Head back to Settings > Email & SMS Templates. This time pick the Type as SMS. In order to achieve the above message, let's use a few template tags. The above message would become:

 "Hi {{contact.full_name.first_name}}, we can't wait to meet you at {{event.title}}. Make sure to bring a hat as it's forecast to be sunny all day! Just in case you've misplaced it, here's your QR ticket so we can scan you in: {{event.qr_code}}

Once you're happy with your SMS, hit Save. Now head back to your event. Click the contacts you want to send your SMS to, then click Actions on selected and pick SMS attendees. Choose the SMS template you just wrote, Ignore Consent Preferences and then hit Send in the bottom-right corner.


3. Let's set up our post-event communications by setting up a workflow to send an email thanking all future attendees for visiting us. 

Head back to, Settings > Email & SMS Templates. Set up your thank you email however you see fit. You might wish to include a link to a feedback form, or issue a call to action. Once your template is saved, head back to your event. 

Now click Workflows and +Add Workflow. Click +Add Condition and select Type > Status - Equals and then Status > Attended. Now click +Add Action and add Type > Email and select the thank you template you just built. Be sure to Ignore Consent Preferences for the sake of this email.

To make sure that this email triggers after the event has completed, and not the instant the attendee is scanned in at our event, click on Immediately in the Actions section of the workflow. In Delay pick After a delay and choose a delay time of 1 day.


With our affairs now in order, the next guide brings us to the day of our event itself where we learn how to use the Visit app to instantly track attendees. 

Any questions? Feel free to start a live chat with a member of our support team or explore the rest of our academy at your leisure.

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