In part four of this series, we learn how to use the Visit app to register guests and upload them to Gecko.

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Setting up your event with Visit

Using the Visit mobile app, we can scan attendees QR code tickets (instantly changing attendee status from Registered to Attended), deal with walk-ins and track attendance in real time. Best of all, we can achieve all of this offline!

Before we get set up make sure you have the latest version of both the Visit and Capture apps downloaded on your mobile device. In order to accommodate offline registrations for unexpected walk-ups, open Gecko. Build a really basic form (name and email address should suffice) and name it 'my event registration form'. 

Now get your mobile device ready. Open the Visit app and sign in. Tap the Settings 'cog' icon in the top-left corner. Set Autosync Attendees to Yes. Scroll down to Set Registration Form and choose the form you've just built. For Register Method, pick Capture App

Now exit Settings. The default landing page will show events currently in progress. Tap on your event. If today isn't the date of your event, simply tap Show all events and search for your event. 

This will bring an overview of the event, the sessions, attendee information and more. Tap on the event name once more. We've now got a list of all event attendees. At the bottom, notice the two options: Register and Scan

If a student has a QR code (sent via email and text in part three of our guide), tap Scan to access your device's camera. Point it at your attendees QR code and their contact will instantly be updated with the Attended status. 

If the student has lost their QR code (it happens!), simply use the search field to find their name and manually toggle their Attended status.

If, on the other hand, the student hasn't registered previously, simply tap Register. This will open your Capture app on the 'my event registration form' you built earlier. Once the student hits submit on their form, your view will revert back to the Visit app attendee list, ready for the next student. 

Good luck collecting!


Once your event has finished, you'll be surprised at how easy the follow-up work is. As we enabled Autosync Attendees before our event, any attendees we scanned will automatically have uploaded to Gecko (providing we had a stable internet connection). If the app was used offline, head back to the main Visit welcome page. Tap the cloud icon in the top-right corner. Any unsynced data will be stored here. If you can see contact information here, ensure you're connected to the internet and simply tap the Sync Data button at the bottom of the page. 

Once a response is uploaded to Gecko, the countdown to the 24-hour delay in sending a thank you email (as set up in part three of our guides) begins. 

Well done on running your first successful event with GeckoVisit! In the next guide, we look at the powerful analytic tools we can use to assess our event's success. 

Any questions? Feel free to start a live chat with a member of our support team or explore the rest of our academy at your leisure.

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