The Data Security Preferences centre is the central nervous system of data storage and consent within Gecko. In this short guide, we'll learn how to navigate this crucial activity hub.

The Activity Log is an archive of every action that has taken place in Gecko. From user logins to exports, form field updates to emails being sent; it's all stored here in an easy to read, who - what - when, format. 

The powerful filter options allow you to search by date, user and actions. Crucially, the Activity Log cannot be edited or deleted - so you can be safe in the knowledge that every action that occurs in Gecko can be audited. 

The Preferences tab is home to two features that GeckoProtect customers will be able to make good use of: setting your Privacy Policy (to be displayed when using your Consent Field on forms) and managing Automatic Contact Archiving. 

Automatic Contact Archiving is a simple tool to store contacts who have been inactive for a period of time as defined by you. This helps keep Gecko running quickly, and keeps your contact data set relevant and up-to-date. 

The Deleted Contacts tab is used to store contacts that have been deleted manually or via Automatic Contact Archiving. The clear interface allows you to see the date/time of the deletion and permits you to restore accidentally deleted contacts at a click. Note: contacts will remain in the Deleted Contacts section for 15 days before being purged. 

Clicking the Consent Reasons tab gives you access to a number of unique features. Here you can create and edit consent reasons to be used across Gecko, as well as allowing you to access the powerful Assign Mass Consent action. 

Consent Reasons are vital to post-GDPR Gecko. They are crucial in defining who can and cannot receive correspondence from you. They can be found in the Contact Overview screen, on Consent Fields and even on Contact Portal pages.

To be able to mass assign or withdraw consent to contacts, navigate to the Assign Consent button in the top-right. 


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