Depending on the way you are sending communication in Gecko, consent is enforced in different ways. Most scenarios will likely rely on enforcement through Email and SMS templates.

Any Email or SMS template will require a Consent Reasons field to be filled out (picture above), meaning that this message would only be delivered to contacts that have explicitly given you consent to receive communication through the selected channel/medium. 

  • Upon setting up a broadcast and selecting the relevant template to be used, you will be notified of the Consent Reason requirements behind the template. Once you proceed to the Contact Filtering stage of a broadcast and have a number of contacts in the overview page of the broadcast, you will be able to identify the number of ‘Excluded’ contacts (in the Excluded tab) due to lack of consent.

  • Workflows are only triggered once a response has been submitted or an attendee record has been changed, depending on whether or not it is a form or an event workflow. With regards to consent enforcement, upon submitting a form, the system will run a consent check and if the contact submitting the form/attending the event has not given you consent to receive the specific message, then the workflow simply will not deliver the communication. You will still be able to identify those cases under the messages tab, where you can filter out messages by status: No consent given.

  • Similarly to templates, Call Campaigns will give you the ability to specify the consent required prior to the calls being made. For example, if you are running an outreach campaign, you are able to set the required Consent Reason to be Calls, which means that any contacts that have not given you permission to be called can be added to the campaign but will be excluded from the list of callable/available contacts. This means that any agent running campaigns will not be able to start a call unless consent is provided.

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