Looking to track UTM information without having to use Google Analytics? Click here to see how you monitor and analyse UTM information using Gecko's in-built tools.

In the last article, we learned about how Google Analytics can be used to glean real-time analysis on who is using your form, and how. In this article, we learn about how the results you capture on Google Analytics can be enhanced by using Google Tag Manager. 

Setting this up in Gecko is as simple as heading into the form you'd like to track and clicking  Settings > Analytics and pasting the Google Tag Manager ID into the appropriate field. 

But what is Google Tag Manager and how can it be used to help you? 


Google Tag Manager

Working hand-in-hand with Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a free to use program that allows you add 'tags' to your website. These tags can be easily programmed to fire a response back to Google Analytics based on pre-defined circumstances.

Want to track click-through rates? Calculate the percentage of users of your form who go on to complete it? Interested in finding out which sections cause users to leave your form? This is the integration to assist you with that. 

Google Tag Manager allows you add to custom 'tags' to your form to garner greater levels of depth and sophistication to the data you gather whilst tracking your form with Google Analytics.

To learn how to set up your tags and integrate them with your Google Analytics account, please view the general Google Tag Manager support page, here.


Did you know that Gecko can also integration with Facebook Pixel? Simply paste your Pixel ID into the Google Tag Manager ID field (Form > Settings > Analytics) and hit save changes. Your form will now support your tracking pixel.

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