Our GeckoTalk clients sometimes get in touch to ask how to make a number which is flagged as Do Not Call callable again.

Don't panic; this is easily fixed. 

1. Navigate to Settings > Telephone Numbers. Here we'll see a view of every telephone number you've collected on your account and it's current status, country code, associated contacts etc. 

2. To find the contact which needs to be made callable again, either use the Call Status Filter to narrow down the listed numbers to those not currently callable, or enter your contact name or number in the Quick search bar in the top-right corner of the page. 

3. Once you've found your number, click Actions and Make Callable

The 'block' on the contacts number will be rescinded and will now be fully callable. For more information on GeckoTalk, feel free to check out the dedicated section of our academy

Any questions? Feel free to start a live chat with a member of our support team or explore the rest of our academy at your leisure. 

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