RSVP pages are designed to give autonomy to users. It allows them to change any aspect of their event booking in real-time, thereby saving your team hours of work having to manually edit bookings on your CRM system. It's little wonder that RSVP pages are one of the most popular features of GeckoVisit

What are they?

RSVP pages are a self-serving booking portal for students they can be used to view/ amend bookings in a number of ways. Users can:

  • View their session details and locations. 

  • Cancel their attendance.

  • Register for any other available sessions/ times. 

  • Amend the time of any session they've booked. 

  • View their QR code.

  • Add the event to their calendar (iCal) or Apple wallet

  • Users can print a 'printer-friendly' version of their RSVP page, allowing them to have an itinerary for the day, complete with QR code. 

  • View their personal event history and interact with RSVP pages for any other 'live' events they're registered to. 

Best of all, RSVP pages are unique to each user and can be accessed without having to log-in.

How can I use them?

Links to an individuals RSVP page can be sent out to students via email or SMS using the following template tag


Including the above code in your email/SMS template will automatically populate your message with a unique link to a users RSVP page. Note that this must be sent from the event itself (either manually or via a workflow). 

A great way to set this up would be with a workflow to fully automate this process for you. Firstly, make your email template that you'd like to send (we've a handy guide for you here). Now head into your event and set up your workflow as follows:

This will automatically and instantly send the RSVP link to any student who registers to your event, meaning that they'll be able to self-manage from the get-go! 

Any questions? Feel free to start a live chat with a member of our support team or explore the rest of our academy at your leisure.

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