Part three of our short series of guides for Administrators sees us looking at how to automate channels, processes and more.

(Part one can be found here. Part two can be found here.) 

Not an Administrator? Click here for our guide on getting started for Agents

Workflows, tags and saved replies

When setting up your account, automation (plays a key role in ensuring things run smoothly. Let's get started. 

Navigate to Workflows on the nav-bar at the top of the GeckoChat screen. Now click +New Workflow

There are 5 simple steps to get set-up. In the last article, we set up an International Recruitment email channel, and an International Recruitment team to manage it. Let's make a workflow so that any emails received on the International Recruitment email channel are automatically assigned to our International Recruitment team:

  • Step 1 - Name your workflow - Give your workflow an internal name to identify it.

  • Step 2 - When would you like to trigger this workflow? - Specify when you'd like this workflow to run. (note: at time of writing 'When the conversation is started' is the sole option.)

  • Step 3 - Add Conditions - Choose to 'Only trigger this workflow if the conditions below are met'. Click +Add Condition. Choose Channel > Is equal to > International Recruitment email channel

  • Step 4 - Add Actions - Choose to 'Assign conversation to an agent or team' and then pick the International Recruitment team

  • Step 5 - Click Set Live

Workflows can be as simple or as complex as you'd like. They can have a plethora of conditions based on the channel a message is received on the content of messages, time/ date, availability of users or teams, browser language or even how many times a user has visited your webpage. These conditions can work independently or in conjunction to trigger at precisely the right moment. 

The associated actions can involve assigning a conversation to a team, adding notes, automatically responding or adding a tag to a contact. 

Feel free to explore workflows. Why not try making a multi-conditional workflow, using AND/ OR logic? 

Once contented you've grasped the fundamentals, let's turn our attention to two more aspects of the system - Tags and Saved Replies.

Head to Settings > Tags. To create your first tag, simply click +Add New. Give it a name, set a colour and Save

Tags are an easy way to label and categorise contacts. They can be assigned manually or via workflows. You can even search through contacts based on Tags that have been assigned. To do this, head to the search bar in the top-right of your GeckoChat screen (n.b present on all tabs with the exception of Stats) and start typing the name of your tag to be given the option to run a search. 

An equally simple feature to set up is Saved Replies. These are pre-written replies that your agents will be able to make use of in conversations to save time and streamline their response process. A common, but deceptively loaded question we sometimes see is "Can you give me more information about life on campus?" Pre-preparing a Saved Reply ensures consistency and integrity of message; regardless of who responds. 

To set this, or any other reply up, head to Settings > Saved Replies. A feature to note is that your replies can include attachments. 

Let's evaluate what we've covered. In three short articles you've now set-up all you need to get chatting. Great work! In the next article, we cover performance management via detailed statistics and agent engagement.

Any questions? Feel free to start a live chat with a member of our support team or explore the rest of our academy at your leisure. 

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