In the fourth and final part of our Administrators guide to GeckoChat, we see how easy it is to keep on top of reporting with eye-popping stats. 

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Stats and Chat performance review

Setting up your account is only part of the battle - as an Administrator, people will look to you to provide commentary on how the system is operating, as well as managing its day-to-day performance. 

Fortunately, GeckoChat has a custom built Stats section designed to help quantify your team's performance. 

To begin, click the Stats tab at the top of the nav-bar. 

Here you're able to track a range of performance metrics over a customisable period of time; New Conversations, Median Response Times, Conversation Lengths and more. 

You can even track Conversations by Channel to see which are the most popular methods by which students contact you.

By default, stats are displayed using information for all users across your account. For those looking for more granular sets of data, you're able to filter stats by individual agents using the filters at the top of the Stats screen. 

For an even more detailed view, navigate to Stats > Teams

Here you're able to compare and contrast performances of Teams as well as individual call agents, again, filterable by channel and the time period that's relevant to you. 


We've now reached the end of our short series of guides into getting up and running as an Administrator in GeckoChat. Thank you for reading and, as ever, if you have any questions please feel free to start a live chat with our support team. 


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