This is a series of short-guides designed to help you, the Chat Agent, understand how to get to grips with GeckoChat in the shortest time possible. We'll run through everything from setting up your account to conversation management and using the GeckoChat mobile app. 

Not a Chat Agent? Click here for our guide on getting started for Administrators.

Getting to grips with GeckoChat

Welcome to GeckoChat! Let's cover two fundamentals this article; setting up our account and finding our way around the software. 

Firstly, log into your emails. Your GeckoChat system Administrator should have sent you an email (similar to the email pictured above) to enable you to finalize your account. If you've not received an email (and it's not in your spam/ junk folder) ask them to invite you now!

Open your email from GeckoChat and follow the Click here to get started link. This will open Chat and ask you to set and confirm your password. Do this now. 

Once you've confirmed your password, the screen will change and prompt you to log in with your email address and the password you've just made. Doing this will take you to the main conversation screen:

Now we're in, let's get your account exactly as you'd like. 

Navigate to the top-right corner of the screen and click on your initials. This drop-down menu gives us some incredibly useful commands in one place. Here are some good ones to know about:

  • Available/ Unavailable - This toggles your status in Chat. We cover this in more detail in the next article

  • Contact support - Opens a handy live-chat window with the Gecko customer success team. Any time you've got a question or want to say 'Hi' drop us a line!

  • My Settings - a quick link to your account settings. 

  • Change log - We update GeckoChat all the time. This lets you know at a glance what new features you'll have to play with.

Go ahead and click My Settings so we can review how our account is looking.

Let's begin with our profile. Hit Edit Agent Details. Here you're able to amend your name, email address and add a telephone number (which can be used to be added dynamically to responses). Once you're happy with your profile, click Update Details

An optional (but professional!) addition at this point would be to add a profile picture for yourself. In addition to being your account profile picture, this will display as your avatar on live-chat channels. To add this, simply hover the mouse over your initials in the Agent Profile section and click. 

The next section to note is the Notification Preferences centre. Here you can customise how you're alerted to new messages in a range of different conversation types. Chrome (toggles a notification in your web-browser), Email (sends an email notification) and Mobile (a push notification sent to your phone).  

When you're happy with your set up, it's time for us to explore some other aspects of the user interface. Click the Conversations tab at the top of the screen.

This page will be where you spend the majority of your time with GeckoChat. Underneath the Conversations tab, you should see five different tabs: 

  • My Conversations - The default view when clicking the Conversations tab. These show conversations that have been automatically assigned to you, or conversations that you have initiated or responded to.

  • Unassigned - Conversations that have come into your account that are yet to be viewed by any members of the team.

  • Open - Conversations that have been responded to,  viewed, or assigned to across teams. Depending on your user permissions (set by your Admin team) you may or may not have the ability to see other Chat Agent's conversations. 

  • Closed - All conversations that you've closed. Again, depending on your user permissions, you may or may not have the ability to see closed conversations from other Agent's conversations.

  • Sent - A list of messages you have sent, but have yet to receive a response to. As soon as a reply is received, this will move to the Open or My Conversations section. 

An important note is that an unread conversation in any of these sections is denoted by a red circle; as in the screenshot above!


We've covered a lot of ground this article, so let's stop for a rest here. In the next article, we look at how to initiate and manage conversations, as well as collecting all the data you'll ever need for the admissions process.

Any questions? Feel free to start a live chat with a member of our support team or explore the rest of our academy at your leisure.

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