In the third and final part of our GeckoChat guide for Chat Agents, we talk through the GeckoChat app.

(Part one can be found here. Part two can be found here.) 

Not a Chat Agent? Click here for our guide on getting started for Administrators.

GeckoChat app

Start by opening the Apple app store or Google play store and search for GeckoChat. Download it and, once ready, click to Open.

On the login screen enter your Email and Password (that we set here) and tap to Sign In

Let's get our bearings. Tapping the icon in the top-left corner of the screen opens a nav-bar which allows you to easily switch between Conversations, Contacts, Agents and Settings views. 

Go ahead and tap Settings

Here can adjust our Available/ Unavailable status by toggling the option to Appear Online. We can also adjust our notification preferences, view the channels we have access to and more. 

Returning to the nav-bar, further down the list we can see the option to view the GeckoAcademy (to read articles like this!) or to directly Contact Support if there are any pressing issues. Once familiar with this area, tap away from the nav-bar and into the Conversations area. 

You'll notice at the bottom of your screen there is a range of tabs you can interact with: Mine (My Conversations), Unassigned, All (Open) and Closed. These are, of course, the different status of conversations that we outlined in the last article

Tapping on a conversation will open the conversation window. Here you're able to send messages in much the same way as you are using the browser version of Chat. In the top-right corner of the conversation view, you'll see two icons; the information icon (the letter i enclosed in a circle) and the settings icon (three dots in a horizontal line). Tapping them yields the following crucial options:

  • Information icon - This is where you store information for the contact. Name, email address, notes can all be added/ updated here. To update records, hit Edit in the top-right corner, make your changes, and then hit Save

  • Settings icon - This is where you're able to enact some important features. You can Open/ Close conversations here (imperative for syncing records to your CRM) as well as assigning the contact to Agents/ teams or adding Tags to the contact.


We've now reached the end of our short series of guides into getting up and running as a Chat Agent in GeckoChat. Thank you for reading and, as ever, if you have any questions please feel free to start a live chat with our support team. 

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