Gecko's updated exports allow you to easily choose specific columns to export, re-arrange the layout of the csv and define a specific format for some of the fields. Watch the video below for an overview of how the new exports work: 

Customise the layout:

  • Choose which fields to include in your export

  • Adjust the order in which the fields are exported in the csv

  • Rename the column headings

  • Choose the formatting for date fields

  • Choose specific elements to export on fields like name or address. 

Add data from other modules: 

This update also adds support for exporting data across modules within is a single file. As an example, you could include data from a couple of different forms within a contact export, or pull through custom contact and organisation fields within your response exports:

How is this released: 

We're releasing this update alongside the existing exports and you can access the new exports and try them out via the option at the top of the exports section: 

We currently support only a subset of the modules and some of the features in the older version of the exports are still not present (e.g. recurring exports). We will continue to add support for more modules and features over the next few weeks. 

Please share your feedback on this update by contacting us through the live chat, logging a feature request through the 'Suggest a Feature' option in Gecko, or by emailing us on 

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