Over the years we've added more and more features into our event field, which ended up cluttering the user interface and over complicating the functionality on the back end. Our users are constantly asking for more improvements to the event field, such as the ability to search, filter and find out more about each session. We are working hard to be able to deliver these updates over the next few weeks, but we first wanted to take a step back and simplify the event field where possible. Watch the video below for an overview of the update: 

What's changed: 

  • You can now pick a single event into the event field as opposed to having to select a category of events. 

  • The user interface for selecting session times has been moved into the booking button to make the user experience more pleasant on mobile devices. 

  • The date of a session will only be shown if the event spans across multiple days.

  • Fully booked sessions will no longer be listed. 

  • If session times clash, the alert will be shown only on the selected sessions. 

  • The filter option has been redesigned to make room for more filtering options in the near future. 

  • The basket section has been removed as well as the ability to register for sessions across multiple events within a single form. 

How is this released? 

We know that our users depend on the event field to handle registrations for some of the most important events throughout the year. We did not want to risk breaking your existing registration process on your forms, so at the point when the update is released the changes will be optional. Your event field will continue to work as it did and you will have to go into the options tab of the event field to enable the updated version via a toggle. We strongly encourage all users to go and try out the new event field sooner rather than later, to make sure it works as you expect it to. We've got a few more improvements planned for the event field, including improved filtering and the ability to surface more information about each session to the student. Once all the updates are released, we will migrate all event fields to the newer version and remove access to the older version.

Please share your feedback on this update by contacting us through the live chat, logging a feature request through the 'Suggest a Feature' option in Gecko, or by emailing us on adrian@geckoengage.com 

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