We've recently added the ability to sync across any consent preferences from Gecko to your CRM. Watch the video below for an overview of how this works: 

Setting up consent syncing between Gecko and your CRM is a two-way relationship.

Changes made to consent preferences in Gecko can update the same contact's preferences in your CRM and vice versa, ensuring that students contact preferences are respected regardless of the system you use to send your messages from.

The CRM systems currently supporting this functionality are: Radius, Connect and Salesforce.

Getting set up is easy:

  • Begin by navigating to Settings > Integrations and click into your integration.

  • Head to the Consent tab. 

  • In the Field box, choose the consent attribute within your CRM system that you'd like Gecko to link to*.

  • Add your Given value. This allows Gecko to grant consent preferences to contacts on your CRM. As an example, Radius uses a checkbox for consent preferences which would require the Given value of 'true'.

  • Add the Withdraw value. This would allow Gecko to strip permissions that may exist within your CRM for a contact. As an example, Radius would expect the value 'false'.

Once you're happy with your efforts, hit Save in the bottom-right corner. 

*If you're not seeing your desired consent value in the Field dropdown, it may be that you're not tracking this attribute yet within Gecko. If this is the case, click back to the Fields tab at the top of the screen and click +New Attribute. Now find the consent preference you'd like to track and click Track (you do not need to map it to a contact field). Now return to the Consents tab and repeat the above steps. 

The above will successfully allow you to update preferences from Gecko to your CRM. But what about updating contacts within Gecko with the latest information in your CRM?

Remaining on the Consents tab, scroll down the page to the Consent Syncing area. 

Depending on your CRM system, you'll have the options to choose a root folder from which to pull the latest contact information, a target or saved filter list. We recommend setting the target to filter contacts that have been modified in the last 7 days. Once you've selected your target, hit Save. Gecko will now automatically pull through contacts on your CRM contacts on a regular basis.

Please share your feedback on this update by contacting us through the live chat, logging a feature request through the 'Suggest a Feature' option in Gecko, or by emailing us on adrian@geckoengage.com

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