Organisations help you keep track of where your brightest and best leads are coming from, as well as giving you a further way to sort contacts. Fortunately, adding new Organisations or updating existing information can be easily achieved with Imports.

To get started, head to Settings > Import Data and click + New Import in the top-right corner. 

You'll then be asked the type of import you'd like to run. Choose File Import and then hit OK.

Give your import a Title and pick whether you'd like this to be a One-off import or Recurring Import. Set the Import Type as Organisations. Lastly, upload your .CSV file in the Import File section and click Upload .CSV in the bottom-right. 

Our view now switches to allow us to map the values on your .CSV field to information contained within your Organisations.


Your organisations import will fail without mapping the following information:

  • Organisation Name - The name of your Organisation.

  • Organisation Type (Title)- The type of Organisation. By default in Gecko, University and School are the two pre-existing options. Organisation Types can be created in Settings > Organisation Types


  • Address - When mapping the address, you must map all of the Street, City, Post Code and Country fields for the address to successfully import.

  • Created At - The date/ time the Organisation was created at. 

  • Email Address - Map the main contact email for the associated organisation.

  • Organisation Type (ID) - Allows you to map an organisation to a known Gecko Organisation ID.

  • Telephone Number - You are able to separately map the Number, International Dial Code and/ or the ISO Country Abbreviation to automatically assign the correct dialling code. If no Dial Code or Country Abbreviation is specified, Gecko will apply all mapped numbers with the default international dialling code as outlined in your Settings > Account Settings > Default Country field. 

  • Website - Add the URL for the organisations' website. 

  • Other - Any other fields can be mapped across once created on your account. To create additional fields, navigate to Settings > Organisation Fields

Once you've mapped the fields on your .CSV to the above options, hit Finish Import. If all is set up correctly, your organisations will now be successfully created/ updated in Gecko!

Any questions? Feel free to start a live chat with a member of our support team or explore the rest of our academy at your leisure.

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