Want to track form submissions from a certain school? How many calls you've made to applicants from a specific high school?  The number of emails you've sent to members of a college? Look no further than Organisations.

Gecko can assist the tracking of which institutions you most frequently work with, chart the journey of each student and allow you to manage all of your institutional data.

Setting up your Organisations

Let's begin by first taking stock of what information we can record against our Organisations. 

Navigate to Settings > Organisation Types

Types allow you to easily sort and track which kinds of institutions you work  By default, Gecko has two out-of-the-box Types - Companies and Schools. To add a new type (typically added types are Universities, High Schools, Colleges, etc.) click + Add Type in the top-right corner. 

Once satisfied with the selection of Types your institutions can belong to, head to Settings > Organisation Fields

Fields are where key profile information can be added to an organisation's record. By default, Organisations have the following fields available for use:

  • Name - the name of the institution.

  • Address - the address of the institution. 

  • Email Address - the main email address to use when contacting the institution.

  • Telephone - the main contact telephone number. 

  • Website - the URL to the institution's homepage.

To add to these, click + New Organisation Field in the top-right corner. Give your field a name, choose it's type and hit Save. We often see people adding fields such as 'Main point of contact', 'FICE code' and 'CEEB code'.

Adding Organisations to your account

Before you can assign any contacts to an Organisations, we first need to add your organisations to Gecko. There are two ways to achieve this:

  1. Mass Importing Organisations via a .CSV spreadsheet or importing Organisations directly from your integration. 

  2. Manually adding an Organisation - Click Organisations on the left-hand nav bar and click + New Organisation. 

We strongly recommend mass adding Organisations in the interests of saving time. Gecko can support the upload of tens of thousands of institutions at a time. Please contact support if you'd like assistance with sourcing a complete list of UK or US schools / colleges.

Adding contacts to your Organisations

Now that you've set up and added your Organisations, it's time to start filling them with the students you meet! Let's take a look at some of the options available to us:

  • Using an Organisation field on forms

One of the simplest ways of adding a contact to an organisation is through an Organisation field on a form. To add the field to your form, simply navigate to your form and, looking on the Contact Field tab, add a new Organisation field to your form. 

The field dynamically searches against address or name information to assist students in finding their organisation in the shortest time possible.

  • Using workflows to add to an Organisations

Workflows are ubiquitous across Gecko. One of the workflow actions available to you on forms, events, broadcasts and calls is the ability to add a contact to an organisation.

  • Adding contacts to events using filters

Creating saved search filters can be a powerful way to add contacts to Organisations en masse. To begin, click Contacts on the left-hand nav bar before clicking Advanced Search (designated by a funnel icon). 

Choose your conditions to pull through the correct group of people to add to a specific Organisation. It might be everybody who you met at an event at a high school or anybody who has a certain contact label you applied. Once happy with your conditions, hit Save, give your filter a name and hit Save again. 

Now navigate to Organisation on the left-hand nav bar. Find the institution you'd like to add your contacts to and click into it. Choose Actions in the top-right corner and then Add Contacts. Apply your newly created filter in the top-right and click to Add all matching this saved search

  • Importing contacts 

One of the most effective ways of bulk adding contacts to your Organisations is to use imports. Head to Settings > Import Data and click + New Import in the top-right corner.

Gecko supports uploading contacts from .CSV spreadsheets or from select CRM systems. Set your import type as Contacts. For a short guide on successfully mapping your contacts import, click here. Please note that the Organisation mapping relates to the name of your Organisation.


Any questions? Feel free to start a live chat with a member of our support team or explore the rest of our academy at your leisure.

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