Some events can be very busy, and handing out your device can be slow and inefficient. That's why our latest update allows you to turn your device into a quick access share page.

To get started, simply tap on the "QR Page" button at the top right of a form:

‼️Please note that this feature needs an internet connection to work. If you try to access the page without an internet connect you will be prompted with an error alert. If wifi is not going to be available at the event you're going to please view the share page in advance and take a screenshot to be able to access it offline. ‼️

If your device is connected to the internet, we will be able to generate a short URL and QR code pointing to a self hosted version of the form you're currently using. If you have a current event assigned in the settings of the app we will include a reference to it as a hidden parameter on the form so all the responses captured via the web form will be assigned as 'Captured At' for the same event as the ones you'll collect using the device itself. 

Please note that any pre-filled options on your fields not be transferred across into the web forms. 

There's also an area in settings where you can adjust the appearance of the page. Simply go to Admin > Settings > QR Page Settings: 

You'll get to this page where you can control the size and branding of the QR code as well as disable the QR page completely: 

So next time it gets busy at your event, just tap that "QR Page" button and ask students to scan the QR code using their camera app on iOS, the snapchat app, a QR code scanning app or all else fails, enter the short URL manually into their browser: 

Please share your feedback on this update by contacting us through the live chat, logging a feature request through the 'Suggest a Feature' option in Gecko, or by emailing us on 

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