The importance of being able to report accurately on who has attended your events is difficult to overstate. From tracking who has (or hasn't) attended your event to being able to confidently identify your most popular sessions; the data you collect will allow you to make informed decisions when shaping future events. 

In addition to the QR ticket scanning functionality of the Visit app, you can quickly and easily set up event self-check-ins allowing your attendees to use their RSVP page to mark themselves as attended to the event or even an individual session/ time.

Setting up self-check-in

To allow students to self-check-in to an event you're building, click +New Event and navigate to Self Check-in to toggle this feature on. If you're wanting to add check-ins to an existing event, simply clicking into your desired event and head to the Edit tab, wherein you'll find this feature. 

Once Self Check-in is enabled, the Check-in time field will allow you to specify, in minutes, how long before the event start time that you'll allow students to check in with you. 

In addition to supporting check-in time's for the top level of your event, you're also able to set up individual check-in times for Sessions. This can be done for new sessions by navigating to the Sessions > +New Session. You'll find the Self Check-in options on the Attendees tab. 

Checking in with RSVP pages

Once you've enabled your event/ session check-ins, it's time to allow students to start using them! Simply direct students to their RSVP page where they can tap to register their attendance. 

Students are also free to check-in to any session or event after the event has finished, freeing you up to send reminders to check-in after the fact.

Any questions? Feel free to start a live chat with a member of our support team or explore the rest of our academy at your leisure.

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