With updates coming thick and fast, the new Exports system is a powerful tool to help you include information from a range of sources in your export. This guide will run you through how to make the most of this feature.

Getting started

Begin by navigating to Settings > Export Data.

From here, we're prompted to pick the Type of export that we'd like to run. You can choose from:

  • Contact - includes any/ all contact information, including system fields. Selecting this type of export allows you to apply/ create Filters to segment which contacts are included on your export. An example use case might be wanting to see any students with a nationality of the United Kingdom who filled in the Gecko Open Day form. You'd, therefore, pick the type as Contact, apply a filter that the nationality should be the United Kingdom, add Responses as an additional section and select the Gecko Open Day as your form. 

  • Responses - allows you to export all or individual response fields from a form. Selecting this type of export allows you to specify the Form you'd like to export responses for. Which response fields you'd like to include on your export can be specified in the Custom Export Layout section. The Filter section can be used to only include results based on Date, Captured By, Assigned To and the Event you captured the response at. 

  • Attendees - allows you to export event and session attendee info for an event. Selecting this type of export allows you to specify which Event you'd like attendee information on. The specific sessions / information you'd like to include can be defined in the Custom Export Layout section. Note, this type of export will only include attendee status/ guest number. If you'd also like details such as contact name, it's best practice to combine this type of export with a Contact export. The Filter section can be used to only include attendees grouped by attendee status.

It's important to note that any of these types can be combined into one export. We'll cover how to do this later in the article.

Once you've configured the Type and Filters for your export, you can further customise it. 

The Recurring toggle allows you to tell Gecko when you'd next like a copy of this export run. You can choose to run exports as often as Hourly or as sporadically as Monthly (or anything in-between!). 

Gecko allows for the sending of your export directly to an SFTP server: 

  • Filename: Choose what you'd like your exported file to be called.

  • Hostname: The host name of your SFTP server. 

  • Port: The port number we should use to access your server.

  • Username: The name we should use to log into your server with.

  • Password: The password we should use to log into your server with.

  • Destination Path: The directory/ address of the files you'd like us to import.

If you'd like more information on SFTP servers, please contact the Gecko support team.

Finally, we come to one of the most exciting features of the new exports - the Custom Export Layout section:

Customising your export

When first toggling the Custom Export Layout area open, you'll have the option to either +Add All Fields, or to use the Search and select bar to choose which information you'd like to add to your export on a case-by-case basis. To illustrate this with an example, adding all fields for a Response export would add all of the response fields on your form to the export, whilst using the search would allow you to cherry-pick individual response fields. 

Once you've added all (or some) of your fields, you can click & drag the + icons to rearrange their order. In the above screenshot, Gecko would place the topmost Full name field in column A of the exported .CSV file, whilst Date of Birth would be in column C. Once added, fields can quickly be deleted by clicking the trash-can icon.

Finally, additional types of export can be added by clicking + Add Section. Doing so enables you to transform your data exporting capabilities. Want to run an attendee export that also shows you the course of interest provided on a form that has been completed? Simply combine an Attendees and Responses export.

Please note that if you are using Mozilla Firefox when exporting from Gecko, your file will not be saved as a .CSV file. Either use a different browser when exporting(such as Chrome), or be ready to change the file type once exported.


Any questions? Feel free to start a live chat with a member of our support team or explore the rest of our academy at your leisure.

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