The Event field is an elegant addition to your forms which allows students to book for events in an intuitive way. This article covers how to set up and optimise your event field, to ensure you're getting the most out of this fantastic tool.

Getting set up

To add an event field to your form, click the Form Fields tab and look for the Events field. 

Once added you've added your field, go ahead and Save your form. 

Click to Edit your event field. In the Settings tab, you're able to change the Label and add Help text for the field. 

On the Options tab, you're able which event(s) you'd like your field to display on your form. Picking Category will allow students to book onto any upcoming event that belongs to the selected category, whereas picking Single Event will only allow registration to one specific event.

The Registration Status field allows you to specify the status that the contact will have when they're added to your event. The Sort By field picks whether your sessions will be arranged alphabetically or chronologically. Opting to Disable Calendar Picker (only available for event fields displaying upcoming events from a Category) will prevent users from choosing their event via the calendar picker interface:

Using the event field

Giving students control over what sessions they're booking, when and with whom is more important than ever. By clicking or tapping a field on the event field, you're able to give granular information about the upcoming session, as the .gif below illustrates:

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